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Starting your kingdom

To start your very own kingdom, you need a good location first. Fly around until you find a spot that looks good. But beware: you cannot start your own kingdom closer than 1000 blocks away from the borders of any other kingdom, or from the spawn area.

If you need help finding a good spot, yoiu can use the /randomspawn command. It teleports you to a random location. With /randomspawn >min< >max< you can also specify the minimum and maximum distance that the new location has to be away from where you stand right now. If you are in another country and you want to start your country next to it, /randomspawn 2100 2400 could be useful.

To level up, type /request-levelup

When you create your country, this is the level you start at. The borders of your country are in a circle that is 400 blocks wide, around the location where you typed /create. 

The first level-up that you can achieve expand the circle to 600 blocks. To get your country to level II, you must have a house and a bed for every citizen, as well as a stable source of food, such as a cow or wheat farm. 

The third level makes your circle even bigger: it is now 700 blocks wide. But to reach this level, your city must have a wall that is at least 3 blocks high. You also need a good reserve of food, in case of a famine or a bad harvest. 

With the next level, the circle expands to 800 blocks. For this level, you must have a nether portal, and a few villages a few hundred blocks outside of the city walls. In preparation for level V - when you reach that, you can fight wars - you need to have at least four defense structures, such as towers. Finally, you need a post office. 

This is where things get a little harder. Your walls must be at least 8 blocks high, and preferably you can walk on top of them to shoot at intruders.

More level information will be added later on.